stepping stones of maritime history

Shipping routes

Brouwer route

The Brouwer Route (outward-bound) was a 17th-century route used by ships sailing from the Cape of Good Hope to the Dutch East Indies, as the eastern leg of the Cape Route. The route took ships south from the Cape (which is at 34° latitude south) into the Roaring Forties, then east across the Indian Ocean, before turning northeast for Java.

Far East Route

Far East route from Batavia (Djakarta, Indonesia) to Deshima, Nagasaki (Japan).

Spice Islands route

Route from Batavia to the Spice islands (Ambon, Tidor,Ternate & Banda).

Bay of Bengalen

Route from Batavia to the Bay of Bengal.

The Arabian Sea

The region stretches from the Malidives in the South East, India's westcoast to Persia and Arabia in the North.

Route achterom

The northern route was taken to avoid the dangerous English Chanel where English warships patrolled. This route was called 'Achterom'.

Triangular trade

The transatlantic triangular trade was the trade between Europe, America and Africa.

Baltic Sea timber trade