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The Netherlands has a deep connection to water. We fight against it and use it to our own advantage. Dutch ships have sailed the seven seas and explored the farthest corners of the world. Over 1500 ships did not reach their destination and sank to the seabed. These wrecks have been charted in Maritime Stepping Stones (MaSS) and are eager to share their stories!

MaSS is full of stories about wrecks and other archaeological underwater sites. On the interactive map you can find wrecks from the period of the Prehistory, the Classical era, the Middle Ages and the period of the Modern Times. With the filters you can search for specific types of ships and background stories. Did you know that both wrecks from the VOC and wrecks from the Second World War are included on MaSS? But also shipwrecks from other countries are now added by experts from different parts of the world. MaSS becomes more interesting by the day!

You can also add stories yourself! New archaeological sites — but also information, videos, and images for already included sites — are very welcome. Did one of your ancestors disappear at sea? Or do you have newspaper clippings of a maritime disaster. Let MaSS know! Together we will bring the past to life and the stories of maritime heritage to the surface!

Down on 22 October

Burgzand Noord

Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters

World War II

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