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stepping stones of maritime history


In August 2020, the Mandal diving club found a cannon on the sea bed at 20 meters depth near Skjernøy, off the coast of Mandal in Southern Norway. The rare find is unique to Norway. It seems most likkely that it was a Dutch cannon

According to written sources a Dutch ship called Zwarte Raven (Black Ravens) sank in the region in 1653.

On board of The Batavia that foundered near West Australia in 1629 were found cannons (BAT 3641/BAT3642) that had identical features to the cannon found in southern Norway.

De achterom route

The usual route of Dutch ships going to the Dutch East Indies or the Caribbean
went directly south through The English Channel. Except in times of war with the English. Then to avoid the enemy one chopse the Atlantic route west of Ireland and by the Shetland islands to Texel in Holland.


The cannon is just under 120 cm long and weighs 90 kg. The bore diameter is between 75 and 76 mm. A "V" and an "o" are inscribed on the upper side of the cannon's rear end.


Due to concerns of looting the Maritime Museum decided it was best to remove the cannon. The cannon was scanned, photographed and measured before starting the conservation process.


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