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stepping stones of maritime history

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In 1683, a naval squadron under the command of Lt. Admiral Willem Bastiaensz Schepers was sent to the Baltic Sea to assist Denmark against Sweden.

On the journey home, the North Sea squadron was raided by a heavy storm. In the night of November 15, 1683 the following ships were wrecked: Woerden, Hollandia, Tydverdryf, Prins te Paard, Leeuwen, Gouda, Westvriesland, Wapen van Monnickendam.

Oorlogsschepen in een storm (Ludof Bakhuysen, RM)

In total, the disaster took the lives of approximately 1,200 people, making it one of the largest disasters in Dutch history. (wikipedia)


Built: admiraliteit yard Amsterdam, 1658?
Owner: admiraliteit van Amsterdam
Armament: 52, (22: 12 Pounders, 22: 8, 8: 3)

MasterMinne, Jan
Length136 feet (41 m)
Width34 feet (10 m)


Down on 01 October

Burgzand Noord

Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters

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