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stepping stones of maritime history


Medemblik was part of the fleet of the WIC commanded by Boudewijn Hendriksz. Instructed to reinforce the newly conquered stronghold Bahia de Todos os Sanctos in Brazil (1624). The fleet arrived to late (24th may 1625). Bahia was retaken and heavy fortified by the Spanish and Portugese. 

Hendriksz. split the fleet in two (1th August 1625). Twelve  ships, under command of admiral Veron, went to the African coast with the objective to conquer Al Mina. Boudewijn Hendriksz. sailed with 18 ships to  the Caribbean.

His new objective was conquer Puerto Rico. His fleet was near  St. Vincent on the 30th of August to get water and vivres. They departed on 10 September  and got in a violent storm. From the fleet De Geel Sonne, de Goude Sonne and the Vlissingen were lost in the tempest.

The rest made it to Puerto Rico, but were unable to conquer the city and castle. So they left and got to Cuba. A year later Boudewijn Hendriksz. died there.

The fleet entered the narrow bay of San Juan. Once inside, the soldiers  disembarked and occupied the city. However, the fort could not be taken. After almost a month Boudewijn had to retreat (1st of November) and left the harbor again under heavy fire. The Medemblik ran aground and had to be left behind. The ship was shot to pieces. 


Type: ship, fregat
WIC chamber  Noorderkwartier

Tonnage: 540, 270 last

Complement: 92 sailors, 34 soldiers

Armament: 8  bronze, 24 iron


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