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stepping stones of maritime history


Burgzand Noord 18 (BZN 18) is a 17th-century shipwreck.


Analysis of the multibeam sonar from 2009 revealed a new shipwreck (BZN 18) 40 m from the BZN 3 wreck. Prior to this, no clear structures had been visible. Dive research in 2013 revealed it to be a wreck approximately 25 m long. Little else is known about the site, except that it had already been severely attacked by shipworm. Since 1850, the area has deepened by approximately 6 m. It is striking that shortly after the appearance of the wreck at the seabed surface in 2009, a deep erosion pit quickly developed to the east side. In 2013, the pit reached its maximum depth of 3 m. Subsequently, the scour pit was filled and completely levelled out in 2015.

During a dive survey in 2013, the height difference between the wreck and the east side was already more than 2 m. This, however, had disappeared in 2015, when the area around the wreck flattened out.

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