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stepping stones of maritime history

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The Zwammerdam 1 was found before the outermost quay of the Roman castellum harbor. More than half of the mid ship has been destroyed by a dragline. Parts of the stern and stern have been preserved.

The vessel was equipped with a forecourt and boarded up against the oars to protect.

The Zwammerdam 1 looks like a fishing boat because it has been equipped with a fish bun. Part of the border is perforated for this purpose; to allow water to flow in and out.

The remaining stem was sealed with a vertical shelf. A recess was provided in the front cover for a hatch.

The boat can be dated roughly in the last quarter of the second century or the beginning of the third century AD.


Type: logboat

Length:  6.99 meters

Width: around 1.05 meters.

Zwammerdam 4



Partly preserved ex situ.

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