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stepping stones of maritime history


One wonders whether it isn’t this accident that is mentioned by Ince Amin, the Malay chronicler of the war: ‘A calamity befell the outrageous infidels / one of their ships, captained by an idiot / ran aground and had to be dragged off. / Said the Admiral, glaring / at the Dutch, Bugis and Soppengers, / “drag the ship [on shore] and we’ll turn her into a stockade” / – a shrewd move on the part of the Dutch dogs’ (Skinner, C. [ed.] 1963: Sya’ir Perang Mengkasar, the Rhymed Chronicle of the Makassar War. Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut … 40; Leiden: Nijhoff; stanzas 434-5).


Type: Jacht
Gebouwd: werf te Middelburg, 1652
Eigenaar: VOC kamer Zeeland
Tonnage: 200 last
Complement:  128
Kapitein: Buis, Jut Jakobsz.

armament: 36


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