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stepping stones of maritime history


In the year 1823, coming from Bataviadestiny The Netherlands wrecked off Sardinia Bay, close to Port Elizabeth.

On the evening of 29th March [1823], between six and seven o’clock, there was poor visibility, and because of this, all of the plans that we had made for enjoying our leave in the Fatherland [Holland], were brought to nought on the rocky coast of Africa. Our ship struck the rocks with such force that the topmast, sails and rigging came down with a crash. One can imagine the plight of the 180 men thrown together in a heap on the quarterdeck of a war corvette. In a few seconds, the ship took a list of 60 to 70 degrees and we were unable to stand upright. Everybody slid down to windward, grasping anything that he could get hold of. A rising moon shone down on our desperate situation.


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