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stepping stones of maritime history


In 1668, 5 Hoekers were built in Rotterdam for intra-Asian traffic of the VOC. De Zeelt, Baers, Bonte Kraay, Voorn en Zwaardvis.

De Zeelt leaves on January 11, 1669 from the Maas to Batavia. She arrives at the roadstead of Batavia on August 9, 1669. She is then used to supply VOC stations. De Zeelt sails between Batavia, Samarang (rice), Ceylon and the Cape, among others.

On Dec. 21 1671 the Zeelt comes together with the Bullfinch at the Cape. On her return to Batavia in 1672 she disapered


Type: Hoeker
Built: yard Rotterdam 1668
Owner: VOC chamber van Rotterdam
Dimensions: 76 x21x 10,5 / 82 x 22 x 11
Tonnage: 45 last
Complement: 16
Master: Theunis Gijsbertsz.


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