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Zandloper made one successful voyage to the Indies and back to the Netherlands, but capsized and sank in a storm on 20 November 1701. This happened off the coast of Trinconomale in modern day Sri Lanka on a journey from Bengal to Galle. Captain Kornelis van de Kriek is recorded as having gone down with his ship, although some members of the crew swam to the shore and reached a coastal place called "Caddrawally".


Model of a 1639 Dutch fluyt.


Name: Zandloper

Type: Fluyt

Built: 1695

Chamber: Delft

Wharf: Delftshaven

Captain: Kornelis van de Kriek

Complement: 40

Tonnage: 244

Length: 90.7 feet

Beam: 24.5 feet

Moulded depth (top of keel to bottom of upper deck): 11 feet

Engraving of a fluyt, 1677.


  • Dutch National Archives in The Hague: NL-HaNa, VOC, 1.04.02, inv. nr. 8915, section Ceylon, letter dated 31 December 1701.

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