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stepping stones of maritime history


Stayed in the Indies for inter Asiatic trade.

Battle of Liaoluo bay
Zheng retaliated on 22 October 1633 and surprised the Dutch fleet and 50 junks of their allie Liu Xiang who where stationed at the Island Kinmen.

Zheng attacked with a armada of as many as 150 junks. The junks of Liu Xiang immediately fled when they saw the fleet. The Broekerhaven was destroyed by fire, the Sloterdijk was taken.


Governor Putmans was able to get back to Tayouan with the yachts Perdam, Zeeburg, Wieringen and Sloterdijk. The abandoned Koudekerke was surrounded by junks and was therefore considered lost,

The Zalm, which was sent to Koudekerke for assistance, was left behind. Both ships were taken or destroyed.


Yard: Rotterdam , 1628
VOC Chamber Rotterdam

Complement: 35
Tonnage: 100, 50 last


Down on 6 December

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces