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stepping stones of maritime history


On December 21st, 1943, Borom Ellsworth, a USAAF Pilot and Second Lieutenant on P-39, crashed into the sea at a distance of 5 miles west from the northern point of Aruba. The pilot perished during this crash.

He was a part of the 32nd Squadron, based at Aruba. However, the main base was stationed at Hato in Curaçao, and the airplanes divided their time between Aruba and Curaçao. The 32nd Squadron was based at Aruba for a short period of time after the submarine attacks on the oil tankers and the refinery. The squadron left for Panama in 1944 and remained there until the end of the war. However, a portion of the pilots were transferred to different squadrons in Europe. During its time in Aruba and Panama, the 32nd squadron functioned as a training unit for new pilots before they were transferred overseas. [1] [2]


The airplanes belonging to the 32nd squadron were small one person vessels with small pointing noses. The airplanes were made out of metal.


The remains of the World War II Airplane of the 32nd Fighter Squadron has yet to be found. 

[1] U.S. Army Coastal Artillery Battalion in Aruba & 32 Fighter Squadron:

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