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stepping stones of maritime history


The Wimmenum was built in 1752, in Amsterdam for the VOC chamber of Amsterdam. She arrived in Batavia 18 july 1753.

In 1754, the Wimmenum sailed in convoy with two other ships De Vrede and the Jakatra on the way to Surat (Gujarat). They were attacked by pirates from Angria near Malabar. The Vrede en Wimmenum were boarded. The captain of the Wimmenum, Johan Louis Philippi, blew up his own ship. Everyone on board was killed; the crew, captain and many enemies. Philippi was posthumously praised by the VOC for his courage. He is said to have killed more than 1,600 Angrian pirates. The Jakarta bark was captured.


Built: Amsterdam
Owner: VOC chamber Amsterdam
Propulsion: sail
Rigging: 3 mast
Complement: 194 crew, 160 soldiers, 10 craftsmen, 3 passengers

MasterJohan Louis Philippi
People on board194
Length150 feet (45.7 m)
Tonnage575 ton (288 last)


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