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stepping stones of maritime history


The Reigersgbergen was a two-decker, with standard dimensions (all in Amsterdam feet) of 156 ft on the upper deck, 133½ ft on the keel, 41 ft in breadth and 15 ft depth in hold. In later ships this standard was stretched to a greater length.

A typical armament for one of these ships was 26 x 18 pounders on the lower deck, 26 x 12 pounders on the upper deck, 18 x 6pdrs on the quarterdeck and 4 x 3 pounders on the poop.


Type: ship of the line, 2nd charter
Built: yard in Amsterdam, 1692
Owner: Admiralty Amsterdam
Dimensions: 133½ on the keel, 41  x 15 ft
Complement: 121
Master: Stelte, A.
Armament: 74

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