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stepping stones of maritime history


At 22.13 hours on 25 May 1941 the unescorted Wangi Wangi (Master Cornelius Schoen) was hit in the bow by one G7a torpedo from U-103 and sank by the bow after 25 minutes in fine weather about 90 miles southwest of Monrovia, Liberia. One Lascar fireman was lost. The master, 87 crew members and four passengers abandoned ship in a motorboat and a lifeboat, made landfall on the Cape Mount peninsula on 27 May and were taken to Robertsport, from where they were transported to Freetown. The survivors in one boat had been questioned by the Germans, provided the course to Monrovia and offered food and water, but this was declined.


MasterCornelis Schoen
People on board92
Length491.5 feet (149.8 m)
Tonnage7789 ton


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