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The Walcheren made five return voyages to Asia. In 1630, the ship was sent to the Malacca Strait to take part in the siege of Malacca.

The siege of Malacca

The Portuguese city of Malacca was beset by an army of the Sultan of Aceh from 1629. His army consisted of 236 ships and 14.000 soldiers. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) supported Aceh against their common Portuguese enemy. The war yacht the Oostzanen and the ships the Walcheren and Klein Heusden served in the Malacca Strait.

In October, the Portuguese relief fleet that consisted of 28 galleys and frigates arrived near Malacca from Goa. Admiral Nuno Alvarez Botelho managed to break the siege and delivered a devastating blow to the attacking fleet. Malacca remained Portuguese and Alvarez Botelho was showered with praise.

In the months after this, Alvarez Botelho managed to clear the Malacca Strait. During these actions the Dutch ships were seen and attafked near Jambi on 7 May 1630. The Walcheren and Oostzanen caught fire and were lost. The Klein Heusden was taken. During this fight, Alvarez Botelho fell in the water and drowned. According to the General Missives of the VOC, the Walcheren exploded, causing Alvarez Botelho to fall in the water (Gen. Missiven, part. I, p. 247).


Yard: Middelburg.
Tonnage: 250 last.


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