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The Lady Everhardina was imposed 2 years after her first return trip due to the Fourth English War (1780-1784).

On her second voyage, the ship arrived in Batavia on April 24, 1784. On her follow-up trip to Japan, the Lady Everhardina, who had left Batavia together with the Ouwerkerk, was caught in a violent storm (July 25). The next day the Ouwerkerk lost sight of the Lady Everhardina. The badly damaged Lady Everhardina was believed to have gone to the Chinese coast to seek a safe haven. The Lady Everhardina was never heard from again.


MasterGelder, Wouter de
People on board200
Length140 feet (42.7 m)
Tonnage850 ton (425 last)


  • DAS 4422.2.
  • Dagregister Archive File: 2609 1784 January 1 - 1784 December 31.

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