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stepping stones of maritime history


The Vrouwe Maria Isabella left from Texel to Hispaniola on January 25, 1757. The ship passed Hispaniola and appeared to be north of Cuba. There they heard the surf and turned the ship. Then the main shot went awry and the ship hit a reef and got stuck. The crew tried to pull the ship into open water with the boat and anchors. Because of the current, the opposite happened.

Then they tried to put all kinds of items overboard to make the ship lighter. This proved to all be in vain as the Vrouwe Maria Isabella stayed on the reef and sank.



Type: merchantmen


  • Referentie : Archivo nacional de cuba. CORRESPONDENCIA DE LOS CAPITANES GENERALES. Legajo 8, exp.: 277.Año: 1757.
  • Amsterdam archief, S.A.A, aktes no. 10502/974.

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