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stepping stones of maritime history


35 km nw of Texel, the Vrede van Nijmegen collided with the Swarte Kat. A big hole in the bow could not be repaired and the ship sank. The crew was rescued.

houthaler (Eertveld)
Dutch Ships loading Timber in a Northern Port,Houthalers (NMM, BHC0750)


Type: Fluyt, Noordsvaarder
Built: yard Friesland, 1700
Owner: Boudewijn Treits (Tiers, Sjeers)
Master: Boudewijn Treits (Tiers, Sjeers)

MasterBoudewijn Treits


Down on 6 December

New in MaSS

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces