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stepping stones of maritime history


The Vrede made 3 retour voyages to the East Indies.

In January 1754 The Vrede sailed in convoy with two other ships The Wimmenum and the bark Jakatra to Surat (Gujarat). They were attacked by notorious pirates from Angria (the Marathas) on the Malabar coast. The Vrede en Wimmenum were boarded and were lost. The captain of the Wimmenum, Johan Louis Philippi, blew up his own ship. Everyone on board was killed; the crew, captain and many enemies. Philippi was posthumously praised for his courage. He is said to have killed more than 1,600 Angrian pirates. Ultimately only the Jakatra bark was captured by the pirates.

What thew Europeans called pirats was in fact the Maratha empire navy. Who rulled then over a large part of South India .
After Shivaji assumed the leadership of the Maratha Confederacy, he appointed Kanhoji Angria the admiral of the Maratha navy. Kanhoji initially attacked only the ships of the Mughal fleet, but as his knowledge of naval tactics and his fleet grew, his confidence did too – and he started work on East India Company ships.


Type: East indiaman
Built: Middelburg, 1746
Eigenaar: VOC chamber Zeeland later Enkhuizen
Propulsion: sail
Rigging: 3 mast
Length: 136
Tonnage: 425
Complement: 150, 83 soldiers
Master: Simon Rood


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