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stepping stones of maritime history


The Voorzichtigheid was built in Delfshaven in 1743 and acted as a provision ship. In 1753 in Batavia, the Voorzichtigheid was under the command of Arend van der Deuren and had a crew 0f 149, accompanied by 80 soldiers and 8 craftsmen.

Later, when the Voorzichtigheid wrecked, she had recently arrived from Batavia with goods and cargo, mainly rice, for the Cape. The vessel was driven ashore in a north-westerly gale and wrecked near the Salt River Mouth.

Fortunately, the entire crew of 59 landed safely on the shore. The identity of the captain for this journey is unknown.


People on board59
Length136.2 feet (41.5 m)
Tonnage850 ton (425 last)


The exact location of the remains of this wreck is unknown because it lies beneath reclaimed land.


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