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The Vlissingen was part of VOC fleet under command Adam Westerwolt that tried to conquer Portuguese Goa in India.

battle of goa_1638 RP-T-1883-A-214
Scheeps Strijt tusschen de Hollantsche Scheepen ondert Commandemt van D Heer Adam Westerwolt geboortigh van Delft ende de Spaensche vloot [...] den 24 Januario anno 1638 voor Goa. Pen drawing  (Dutch anonymus ca. 1640 Rijksmuseum, RP-T-1883-A-214)

On 4th of January 1638 a battle between the Spanish Portuguese fleet (6 galleons 17 frigates) and the Dutch fleet ended in a  defeat of the Portuguese.  That is the Dutch view. Goa was not conquered, the Dutch lost two ships. One of them was the Vlissingen that caught fire  while entering a Portuguese galleon together with the 's Gravenhage. 

The next year, 1639, the Dutch Admiral Cornelis Simonsz van der Veere would conduct a new raid on Goa's port.


Built 1627

VOC chamber of Zeeland

Tonnage: 350, 175 last


Maybe in situ. 


Down on 22 October

Burgzand Noord

Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters

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