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stepping stones of maritime history


The Victoria served as a Cape packet but was wrecked after her anchor cables parted in the violent north-westerly gale and was subsequently driven onto the shore.

Fortunately, nearly the entire crew of 30, was saved.

In total, 9 vessels wrecked that day, which resulted in a total of 208 lives and £160 000 of cargo being lost. At the time of the gale, the commanders of the ships were onshore to get the documentation for the fleet to leave for the Netherlands.

After this tragedy, Saldahna bay 100 km to the North was considered as an alternative harbour, but this ultimately did not materialise.


MasterJakob Groot
Length75 feet (22.9 m)
Tonnage160 ton (80 last)


The exact location of the Victoria is currently unknown as it lies beneath reclaimed land.


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