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On mision to Düsseldorf intercepted and shot down by a Luftwaffe Bf 110, there are three possibilities:
- shot down by Unteroffizier Karl-Georg Pfeiffer of the 10./NJG 1, flying a Bf 110 G-4 from Bergen or Leeuwarden airfield. Claim location: North Sea 30 km west of IJmuiden, Noord-Holland, with claim time 02:49.
- shot down by Oberleutnant Werner Husemann of the Stab/NJG 1, flying a Bf 110 G-4 from Deelen airfield. Claim location: IJsselmeer west of Kampen, with claim time 02:55.
- shot down by Major Kurt Holler of the Stab III./NJG 4 (detached to 1./NJG 1), flying a Bf 110 from Gilze-Rijen airfield. Claim location: IJsselmeer west of Urk, with claim time 02:55.

The Wellington was never recovered.


Type : Vickers Wellington medium sized bomber
Owner: 432 (Leaside) Sqn RCAF

Pilot: F/Lt. Laurie A. Bourgeois
F/O George A. McClintock
F/Sgt. Daniel S. McRae
P/O Harry D. Warner
 Navigator: Sgt. James A.M. Philpott


It is very uncommon that aircraft crash in the shallow Lake IJsselmeer (Old Zuyder Sea) without leaving any trace of aircraft and/or its five men crew.


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