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Type: Vickers Wellington Mk. II W5375 en code PH-D (D for Dog)
Built: Vickers-Armstrongs, 1936-1945
Owner: 12th squadron Royal Airforce

Pilot W/C. V.Q. Blackden 16236 RAF Lemmer C 10 260
Co-Pilot P/O. J.C.A. Bond 85271 RAF Bergen NH 1 E 9
Observer F/O. J.D.V. Broughton 82722 RAF Lemmer C 10 262
Wo ag Sgt. G.H. Bishop 747971 RAF Amersfoort 13 8 171
Wo ag F/Sgt. D. McDougall 751148 RAF Amersfoort 13 9 192
Air gunner F/O. H. Marshall 77376 RAF Harderwijk 2 11

Vickers Wellington

The Wellington was a Medium bomber used as a night bomber in the early years of the Second World War, performing as one of the principal bombers used by Bomber Command. During 1943, it started to be superseded as a bomber by the larger four-engined "heavies" such as the Avro Lancaster. The Wellington continued to serve throughout the war in other duties, particularly as an anti-submarine aircraft.


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