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stepping stones of maritime history


The extended and expanded logboat of Velsen was found in 1974 during excavation work for the construction of a canoe pond.

This small boat of the 'Utrecht type' ships has been preserved over a length of 5.78 by 1 meter. The hull is made from one oak tree trunk and is extended with two lapstrake planks attached with wooden pins.

The bow and stem of the flat bottom are bent upwards. In the bottom there are a number of cracks sealed with moss fastened with small planks on the outside. Part of the bottom was repaired by a board with pins. The boat has eight short and long frames. Seven are made from oak wood and one from alder wood.A small mast track is provided in approximately one-third of the prow stalk.

On the basis of the finds context, the boat is dated to the eleventh century.



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