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stepping stones of maritime history


While traveling from Surabaya to Makassar, the Van Lansberge was bombed by a Japanese air raid near the Bril sandbank, 30 miles south of Makassar. The ship caught fire but did not sink.

The same day she was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-55. 20 crew members lost their lives in that attack. The other crew members left the still floating wreck, which was subsequently transported by the escort ship H.M.S. minesweeper Pieter de Bitter was sunk with gunfire.


Type: Passenger-/cargo vessel

Built: Maatschappij voor Scheeps- en Werktuigbouw Fijenoord N.V., Rotterdam, NL

MasterWonder, J.
Power1100 hp
Speed10 knots ~ 12 mph (19 km/h)
Length278.5 feet (84.9 m)
Width41.3 feet (12.6 m)
Draft16.7 feet (5.1 m)
Tonnage1937 ton

Down on 21 May

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