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stepping stones of maritime history


Part of an early medieval river barge was found in February 2013 in the Catharijnesingel in Utrecht. The Utrecht 6 is the oldest medieval barge found in The Netherlands. Only a section is preserved and research at the National Maritime Depot of the Netherlands.

Utrecht 6

Utrecht 6 research 2013 (Picture: municipality Utrecht).

The bottom planks were made out of one tree. The two side strakes where made of a second tree. Dendro analyses give a felling date of ca. 677 AD.

Utrecht 6

Drawing of the preserved bottom planks.


Type: Flatboat, barge (platbodem vaartuig, aak) 

Parts of a medieval river barge.

Dimensions: ca. 7,15 m x 2,1 m
Merovingian period


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