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stepping stones of maritime history


On 23 Dec 1940, the Tuva was attacked and damaged by German He111 aircraft in Ardmucknish Bay, Scotland. Seven crew members were killed.

At 07.09 hours on 2 Oct 1941, U-575 fired three torpedoes at the three ships in convoy ON-19A and heard two detonations on a first ship and one detonation on a second. However, only The Tuva was hit aft on the port side and sank in a short time after breaking in two.

The crew abandoned ship in two lifeboats and two rafts, but had to left a man behind who was trapped under a piece of debris. The survivors were picked up after about one hour by HMCS St. Croix (I 81).


MasterDuijn, A. van,
People on board35
Power3650 hp
Speed12 knots ~ 14 mph (22 km/h)
Length374 feet (114 m)
Width53 feet (16.2 m)
Draft29.3 feet (8.9 m)
Tonnage4752 ton


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