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stepping stones of maritime history


The Timor was headed from Batavia to Rotterdam while transporting 63 750 lbs of tin, 734 sugar cannisters, 1461 rattan bundles and 617 coffee bags.

The Timor wrecked in a south easterly wind after missing her stays. The captain had ordered a depth sounding the prior evening, which gave a depth reading of 45m, after the wind changed direction during the evening. No further depth readings were taken before the ship grounded the following morning. Luckily, the crew abandoned ship on life rafts once the vessel had started taking on water.


MasterJ.T. Agema
Tonnage441 ton


The wreck and her cargo were sold for £570 at an auction. A total of 117 bags of coffee were salvaged along with some of the ship's equipment. About 110 blocks of tin were also recovered from the wreck site.

A survey in 1992 did not find significant wreckage that could be positively linked to the Timor. Some brass nails and ballast blocks as well as tin ingots that have been salvaged from the area do suggest the location of the Timor wreck site.


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