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stepping stones of maritime history


Attack on Macau
The Tiger was part of a fleet sent to China by the VOC to establish a foothold for trade there. On 24th June 1622 the fleet of 16 ships under commander Reyersen and 1,300 men arrived attacked Macao. The troops landed on the beach south east of the city. The first line of defence was quickly overrun. But then things went wrong for the Dutch. They met with stubborn resistance from the Portuguese. The attack failed and the Dutch were beaten back. This battle in Macao was the greatest ever victory for the Portuguese against the Dutch in the Far East.

[1] Colenbrander 1919; p 724. Bontekoe 1646; 35
The fleet: Sint. Kruisz, The Haen, The Tijger and The Victoria (yachts) Zierickzee, Groningen, Delft, Enchuysen, De Galliasse, , St. Nicolaes and the Palleacatte. Cleen Tholen, Sincapura, Sampson, De Hoop and two English ships The Bear and The Bul The English provided ships for a combined naval force in the East called the fleet of defence to attack Spanish and Portuguese ships.


Yard: Amsterdam, 1617
Tonnage: 60 last

MasterKrul, Dirk Gerritsz.
People on board35
Tonnage140 ton (70 last)


Down on 23 July

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Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

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