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stepping stones of maritime history

This theme consists of an overview of sites that are linked to the project 'Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters', a collaboration between the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and the Cuban counterpart, the Consejo Nacional Patrimonio Cultural de Cuba (CNPC). There are at least 21 Dutch shipwrecks in Cuban waters. Most of them date from the 17th century and relate to activities of the Dutch West India Company (WIC), while the youngest shipwreck is the SS Medea dating from the WWII period. This formed the incentive for Cuba and the Netherlands to jointly research and protect the material and immaterial remains of this shared, maritime history. After a joint inventory of shipwrecks was made back in 2014, Cuba and the Netherlands have since continued researching some of the shipwrecks you may find mentioned under this theme. Go ahead and take a closer look at these individual sites. Let them unravel the fractions of Dutch-Cuban maritime history, including stories about the legendary WIC admiral Cornelis 'Wooden Leg' Jol.

Down on 30 November

New in MaSS

Dutch Presence in Cuba

Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord