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stepping stones of maritime history

Off the coast of Texel lies the national monument Burgzand Noord, where sixteen shipwrecks from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are located. Burgzand is a former shallow on the east side of Texel, part of the Texel Roads. At this location, threatened by natural erosion, ships anchored for 300 years (between 1500-1800) to be loaded and unloaded. They also waited for a favorable wind to set sail. Despite the island's shelter from the northwest wind, many ships have been wrecked over the centuries. Archaeological research has been carried out on these shipwrecks since 1980. During these studies, sites were found to deteriorate very quickly after they were no longer covered by sediment. Because there was not enough time to fully excavate and investigate all wrecks, a method was developed to (temporarily) cover shipwrecks. Shipwrecks were covered with scaffolding mesh.

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