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stepping stones of maritime history


 At 22.24 hours on 22 Feb 1941 the unescorted Texelstroom was hit under the rear mast by a G7e torpedo from U-108 but no effect could be observed and the ship changed course towards the coast while sending light signals. At 22.46 hours, a first coup de grâce was fired but it exploded prematurely and the second fired at 22.54 hours also malfunctioned but hit the bow as a surface-runner, causing the ship to sink in three minutes. Due to snowfall the visibility was bad, still Scholtz reported seeing lifeboats with lights. Despite of being only 25 miles from Iceland, there were no survivors.


Type: steam merchant
Built: Maatschappij voor Scheeps- en Werktuigbouw Fijenoord N.V., Rotterdam
Owner: N.V. Hollandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij, Amsterdam, NL
Propulsion: Steam, Triple Expansion, Power: 1200
Speed: 10

MasterA.J.E. Lefering
People on board25
Length273.6 feet (83.4 m)
Width40.2 feet (12.3 m)
Draft16.8 feet (5.1 m)
Tonnage1617 ton (809 last)


All 25 crewmembers perished.


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