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On its voyage from Bahia Blanca to Rotterdam the TARA was sunk on 21 February 1940 in the Atlantic Ocean 60 miles south-west of Cape Finisterre in positions 42-49 N and 10-13 WL by the German submarine U 50, and lost. All 35 persons on board the Tara came ashore safely.


Type: Vrachtschip

Built: Machinefabriek en Scheepswerf van P. Smit Jr. N.V., Rotterdam,

Owner: N.V. Maatschappij Vrachtvaart, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Length 1: 406.0 Feet (British) Registered
Beam: 54.1 Feet (British) Registered
Depth: 25.2 Feet (British) Registered

MasterBreedijkl, M.
People on board45
Power2070 hp
Tonnage4760 ton


  • Stichting Maritiem Historische Databank.

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