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stepping stones of maritime history


At 05:24 hours on 7 Dec, 1939, the neutral Tajandoen (Master J.B. Roederink) was hit amidships by one torpedo from U-47 and sank in flames after a heavy detonation, only a few minutes after the hit. Six crew members were lost.

The U-boat had spotted the ship only four minutes before firing and misidentified the type as tanker. The master, 47 crew members and 14 passengers abandoned ship in the lifeboats and had to avoid burning fuel on the water surface.

The Belgian steam merchant Louis Scheid witnessed the attack and picked up the survivors, despite of the fear of her master of also being torpedoed.


Type: Cargo vessel T-class

Built: Amsterdam, 1931
Owner: N.V. Stoomvaartmaatschappij Nederland, Amsterdam

Dimensions: 149,4 x 19 x 9,9 m
Tonnage: 8159 grt

Propulsion: 1 x 8 cyl. Sulzer 2 SCDA Diesel engine, single shaft, 1 screw, 1 double boiler

Speed: 14,5

Complement: 54
Passengers: 14
Master: J.B. Roeterink

War grave: 6 casualties


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