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stepping stones of maritime history


Superior Producer is a wreck that lies in front of the Mega Pier where it sank in 1977. The ship was on its way to Isla Margarita and came to Curacao to refuel. When leaving the port, part of the cargo began to shift due to the rough sea. As a result, the ship dropped and began to sank. Jeans, T-shirts and bed sheets started coming to the surface of the water. Local people went into the water to get these products. 

A song of this event was made by  mr. Macario Prudencia. The song titled "Sunu a bisti" became a hit on the island. Now the Superior Producer is the most visited dive location in Curaçao. The wreck lies between 30 and 35 meters deep.


The MV Superior Producer was known as MV Andromeda (IMO nr. 5345431). This cargo ship was build by Handel- & Scheepsbouw Maatschappij Kramer and Booy N.V. In 1962  was she sold to Rederij L. Remeeus N.V. and this is where the ship officially became known as the MV Superior Producer.

Lengte: 50.22m

Breedte: 7.79m

Down on 9 December

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