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stepping stones of maritime history


Holger Spreer ranger of the National Park Wadden Sea discovered in March 2020 an 18m long section of a shipwreck. The section has been entirely unearthed by erosion. Due to tidal currents and the exposed location it concerne was that the wreck might not survive for long in situ.

Moreover, the remoteness of the site and the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from sending out a field team at once. Nonetheless, no time was wasted, and Holger Spreer and his trainee Paul Rusch thankfully volunteered to make a photo-documentation of the wreck and to take wood samples.

In late April maritime archaeologist Daniel Zwick had the opportunity to investigate the wreck on behalf of the ALSH.

The preliminary investigation revealed several constructional characteristics, through which the origin of the ship could be inferred as Dutch.



Further results can be expected from further timber analysis and archival research on strandings. Aside from the wreck of the Spanish barque „Ulpiano“ of 1870 and an unknown wooden shipwreck nearby, this is the third historical wreck on Süderoogsand. Due to the strong coastal erosion process, an increasing number of wrecks are discovered in the North Frisian Wadden Sea, like the Japsand wreckage in 2017 and the Hörnum Odde wreck in 2016.


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