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stepping stones of maritime history


The hull of the ship is broken in two pieces. The bow of the ship lies at 31 meters from the quay wall. It lies at a depth between 20 and 15,5 Meters.

The backside of the ship lies at 13,5 meters from the quay wall and lies at a depth of 11,5 Meters. The port-side of the ship is mostly covered in sand and garbage. The starboard-side's visibility is way better.

Archaeological Research

To determine the positions of all the finds, a rope was stretched over the complete length of the ship. Two sections of the ship were also marked with two lines parallel to the base line. This was probably to mark the position of the second mast. Both lines are not shown on the picture on the left.

Finds from the SS Mediator wreck

The axe that cut the rope during the launching of the SS Dahlia. The inscription says: "S.S. Dahlia launched by Miss Harcrove May 8 1872".


Built: 1872 (built as the SS Dahlia), Robert & John Evans & Co. (Liverpool)
Displacement: 2011 BRT
Length: 300,3 Feet / 91,5 Meters
Width: 34,7 Feet / 10,6 Meters
Draught: 25,7 Feet / 7,7 Meters
Propulsion: 2 combined steam engines 200 HP. George Forrester & Co.
Screws: 1
Line: Hangrove, Ferguson & Co.


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