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The Medea was part of a WAT 13 convoy en route from New York to Venezuela. Early in the morning (3:10) of August 13, 1942, she was attacked by the U-658, a German submarine. The SS Medea was hit by a torpedo and sank. Five people were killed in the action.

During the Second World War, Dutch merchant ships forced by the Allies, were deployed for supplies. In total, the KNSM lost 48 ships, roughly two thirds of its fleet, after being hit by enemy mine, torpedo or bombs. 230 crew members were killed. In addition, 17 other staff members were killed by other war consequences. 


Type: freighter

Dimensions: 84 x 11,94  

Tonnage: 1311 tns

Owner: Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij 

Complement: 28, 5 casualties

Master:  Willem van der Heul

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