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stepping stones of maritime history


SS Laura was built in Canada in 1918 and was originally named War Storm. The British Shipping Controller sold it in 1919 to Vincenzo de Luca of Naples. Shortly after, it was sold to the 'Gulf Stoomboot Maatschappij' and renamed SS Laura. On 13 December 1924, Laura collided with SS Lorenzo and sank one mile southeast of the light ship West-Hinder. It was supposedly loaded with salt and phosphate.

SS Laura was an F1 Standard Cargo Ship, this was a simplified British standard type of the First World War. These vessels all had the prefix 'War' in their names. 821 ships were ordered from British and foreign shipyards, of which 416 were delivered to the British government. After the 1918 armistice, orders for the vessels were cancelled. Many ships under construction were sold off.


Power303 hp
Displacement3202 ton


Investigated by navy divers in 1978. Stands at a right angle from the sea bottom, rises 9 meters. Front is destroyed, holds are empty, superstructure is gone, except for the rafters. The rear ship stands up straight, rudder and screw are present.


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