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stepping stones of maritime history


On 22 July 1917, SS Breda was on her way from Rotterdam to London, loaded with potatoes. 8 miles to the Southwest of the light ship Noord-Hinder, the German submarine UB-35 tried to stop the freighter with a shot ahead. The Breda refused to stop and managed to escape from the U-boat, which fired several shots on the fleeing vessel. Later that day, the Breda was torpedoed without warning by UB-18. The crew was rescued by a British destroyer, which took them to the light ship Noord-Hinder. After about 24 hours, they were picked up there by a pilot vessel and taken to the port of Vlissingen.


Built: E.J. Smit & Zoon, Hoogezand, Groningen, Netherlands, 1915
Owner: N.V. Maatschappij Stoomschip 'Breda', Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland,
Propulsion: steam. Triple Expansion
Dimensions: 36.27 x 6.78 x 3.04
Tonnage: 257 gross, 125 netto

MasterW. K. de Wit
Power210 hp
Speed7 knots ~ 8 mph (13 km/h)
Length119 feet (36.3 m)
Draft10 feet (3 m)
Displacement257 ton


The wreck is completely unrecognizeable and spread over an area of 45 by 10 meters. The remains were probably cleared in 1982, together with those of several other wrecks.


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