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stepping stones of maritime history


Spare or Spaarne. The ship was forced by mutiny to cast anchor from 04-05 till 20-05-1694 off the island of Tercera (the Canaries). Here 4 seafarers and 1 soldier were left behind. 2 soldiers and 2 seafarers proved to be absent at departure. Lost on the 4th of November 1698 coming from Japan.
Next homeward voyage


Type: pinas
Built: DEIC yard in Amsterdam, 1692
Owner: DEIC chamber van Amsterdam
Length: 130 voet 5,5 duim
Width: 33 ft
Draft: 14 ft
Tonnage: 300 last, 603 ton
Complement: 120


Down on 9 December

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Wrecks of Flevoland

Burgzand Noord

13 Provinces