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stepping stones of maritime history


The Soesterberg was in convoy SC-7. On 19 october the convoy was attacked by the U101. The Soesterberg was hit. The explosion of the torpedo that hit Soesterberg blew four men overboard and wrecked the starboard lifeboat.
While three gunners left the ship on a raft, the rest of the crew abandoned ship in the port lifeboat. After a headcount revealed that the men from the engine room were missing, the master and the first mate reboarded the vessel and unsuccessfully tried to locate them,

A stoker from Soesterberg was later picked up by a lifeboat from Empire Brigade, which had been sunk by U-99 (Kretschmer) at the same time like Soesterberg. The survivors were picked up by HMS Leith (L 36) (Cdr R.C. Allen, RN) and landed at Liverpool.


Type: Steam merchant
Built: Antwerp Engineering Co Ltd, Hoboken , 1927
Owner: Stoomboot Mij Hillegersberg NV (Vinke & Co), Rotterdam
Dimensions: 84.89 x 12.24 x 6.27 meter Registered
Tonnage: 1891
Propulsion: Steam, Triple Expansion, Power: 1250
Complement: 25 (6 dead and 19 survivors).
Master: D. de Jong


Sank 50 miles from Roackall Rock ( 57.12° N / 10.43° W).

Zes crewmembers died.

N. Meyer, 1e machinist
E. M. Rieffe, 3e machinist
W. van Elst, kok
W. van Eijk hutjongen
A. H.A. Verbruggen donkeyman
B. Raymond, tremmer


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