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stepping stones of maritime history

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The Samaritan was, on May 21, 1729, at the VOC fort Wilhelmus (Chettuva, Kerala) when she was struck  by storm and stranded about a mile south of Chettuva. Two people on board died. A portion of the load; seven boxes of uncoined gold and 33,211 golden ducats have been saved. A portion of the guns  was also salvaged. The ship sank in the mud.

plattegrond fort Wilhelmus


Type: flute
Built: Yard Middelburg, 1718
VOC Chamber Zeeland

Length: 130 ft
Tonnage: 300 last (600 ton)
Complement: 86 (last voyage)

Master: Willem Sempel (last voyage)


Down on 25 September

Burgzand Noord

Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters

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