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stepping stones of maritime history


The Coaster Safe left Antwerpen on 12-10- 1939 for a voyage  to Riga. 

The ship is missing since 19 October 1939 when presumably she sailed into a minefield  near Jutland. All seven crew members died.

On board were: Captain Jacob Salomons (28) from Groningen, Helmsman L. Wijbrands Azn (27) from Stavoren, 1st Machinist G.E. Heynsdijk (26) from Axel, 2nd Machinist L.F. Jetzes (37) from Veendam. Cook H. Merkus (28) from Wijnegem (België), Sailor F.J.A, Brinkmans from Bruggenhout (België) and Light sailor J. Lareida (26) from Thalwil (Zwitserland))


Type: cargo vessel, coaster

Built: N.V. Scheepsbouwbedrijf v/h Th. J. Fikkers, Foxhol, Groningen, 1939
Owner: Jacob Salomons

Length 1: 44.60 Meters Length overall (Loa)
Beam: 7.50 Meters Breadth, moulded
Depth: 3.00 Meters Depth, moulded
Draught: 2.85 Meters Draught, maximum

Gross Tonnage: 376.00 

Propulsion: Engine, oil, 2-stroke single-acting  
Cylinders: 5
Power: 300  pk
Speed: 10

Complement 7
Master: Jacob Salomons 

Down on 9 December

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