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stepping stones of maritime history


The 's Gravenhage was part of the fleet that departed 3 -5-1629 from Zeeland on her first voyage to the East Indies. She was back in Texel 4 -5-1633. She departed on her 2th trip 26-10- 1634 from Texel.

Gravenhage en Vlissingen in ge3vecht 1638

 Portuguese galeon attacked by 's Gravenhage (left) and The Vlissingen (right). (Pen drawing Rijksmuseum detail 1640).

's Gravenhage was part of the fleet sent from Batavia under command of Adam Westerwolt to blokade Goa in India in 1638.

In the sea battle just outside Goa, 's Gravenhage entered together with The Vlissingen a Portugese galleon San Bartolomeus. After an explosion on the Galleon the 3 ships went down together.


Master: Jan Cornelisz.

Tonnage: 300 , 150 last


Down on 10 December

New in MaSS

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Burgzand Noord

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