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stepping stones of maritime history


The Rozendaal was part of a Dutch squadron (De Muiderberg, Rotterdam. Gaasterland Schermer, Rozendaal) - commanded by Roemer Vlacq (1637-1703) - that would escort 110 English and Dutch merchantmen from Lisbon to Holland and England.

The Battle of Cabo da Roca
On May 22, 1703 they encountered a French squadron of five heavy-line ships at Cabo da Roca - just outside the Tagus. Vlack decided to fight in an attempt to let the merchantmen escape. That worked, but the price was high. The flagship Muiderberg was destroyed and the rest of the flotilla was taken by the French. De Rozendaal came into battle with the much larger 3-decker L'Éole (64) and was overpowered.


Built: Naval Yard - Rotterdam
Armament: 36

MasterBoreel, Adriaan
People on board150
Length125 feet (38.1 m)
Width33.1 feet (10.1 m)


Down on 23 July

New in MaSS

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13 Provinces