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Vice-Admiral Johan de Liefde's flagship at the Four Days' Battle of 1666. captained by Schout-bij-Nacht Jan Jansse van Nes at the 1672 Battle of Solebay, by Eland du Bois at the 1673 Battle of Texel, and by Philips van Almonde in 1674 actions against the French west coast.Vierdaagse zeeslag (Storck)


Type: ship of the line
Built: Rotterdam, Salomon Janszoon, 1665-1666
Eigenaar: Admiralty of Rotterdam
Dimensions: 150 x 40 x 15 (amst ft)
Complement: 350 (1666)
Commander: Jan de Liefde (vice-admiral) 1665-67
Armament: 66, (1666)


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